Hotel Tour: Caesar Augustus in Capri

Hotel Tour: Caesar Augustus in Capri

My sister and I travelled to Capri last June and I wanted to highlight a really special hotel on the island that we were lucky enough to check out. Hotel Caesar Augustus, located in Anacapri, is the only 5 star hotel on the island of Capri. We didn't stay here (opted for a cheaper option just a 3 min walk up the road) but we did spend several afternoons and evenings laying by the pool, enjoying happy hour on their patio and dining at their restaurant for dinner. The service was incredible, they truly make you feel like you are at home. If you are ever on this side of the world it is definitely worth a stop at Caesar Augustus, at least for an apertivo or meal. Would love to come back and stay here one day, truly a bucket list place!

The history behind this hotel is really interesting and dates all the way back to the second half of the 19th century. Located around the property you will see statues and sculptures. When Russia's Prince Emmanual Bulhak first owned the villa over a century ago he was responsible for transforming the property into a center for art and culture and that is something that has continued today. In 1940 Prince Bulhak sold the villa to the Signorini family who operates it still today. Paolo Signorini and his wife Patrizia Signorini will often be seen around the hotel supervising or enjoying an apertivo at the pool bar. If you would like to read more about the history of the hotel click here!

If you are lucky enough to stay here there is a wellness center located on the hotels clifftop garden. Ocean views and an open air gym, massages and luxurious face treatments are just some of their offerings.

Spent cocktail hour out here relaxing and listening to the beautiful live music before dinner at the hotel restaurant, La Terrazza di Lucullo

Had an amazing dinner here, La Terrazza di Lucullo.

Must try the Hugo Spritz (an Italian favorite and much like the classic Aperol Spritz), as they are famous for it!

If you are planning a trip to Italy stay tuned because there will be a follow up post on the airbnb we stayed in for less than 1/3 of the cost. It was perfect for us and I highly recommend it!


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