Home Tour: Ralph Lauren's Jamaican Paradise

Home Tour: Ralph Lauren's Jamaican Paradise

Home Tour: Ralph Lauren's Jamaican Paradise

While I have always been a fan of all things Ralph Lauren, I recently came across  he and his wife Ricky's remarkable Jamaican retreat and it is unparalleled in timeless tropical elegance.  Round Hill Resort is on a small peninsula and consists of a hotel and 29 villas.  A house built in the 1950's situated at the highest point of Round Hill resort has come a long way since the Lauren's first set their sites on it.  Nestled amidst the lush greenery and pristine beaches near Montego Bay, this Round Hill estate has been their cherished haven for over three decades. As their family began to grow and spend more time in Jamaica they decided to purchase a villa a few doors down. Their extraordinary two home estate unveils the style and impeccable taste of one of the fashion industries most iconic figures. Continue on to see Caribbean charm effortlessly blend with impeccable style and taste Ralph Lauren is renowned for. From exquisite interiors to breathtaking views, this home tour promises to be a journey filled with inspiration, beauty and the allure of island living.

Photography by Architectural Digest

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Ralph Lauren and his wife Ricky in front of their villa. Ralph Lauren has said that his life here in the US tends to be chaotic and busy so when he arrives in Jamaica, it is for relaxing and lying - whether that be on land or on a hammock above land. This is their tropical escape from the business of everyday life.


The veranda is where the Lauren family likes to spend most of their time and it's easy to see why!

Director's Outdoor Dining Chair
Rattan Gathering Basket
Classic Large Hurricane
Frayed Linen Tablecloth
Living Room

Their home is juxtaposition of exotic features like the ornate mirrors and rattan accents as well as the classic Ralph Lauren style of blue and white as seen in the antique ginger jars.

Yellowstone Chandelier
Bamboo Lounge Chair
Harmonia Coffee Table
Henry Natural Rope Table Lamp
Gleaming Primrose Mirror
Blue and White Porcelain Jar
Entry Console Basket in Natural
Handpainted Ceramic Planters
1900s French Lacquered Wall Mirror
Master Bedroom

The home originally had carpetting indoor and outdoors which is odd for Jamaica. They completely restored it and not it is more like a plantation house. The master bedroom has mosquito netting and banana leaf matting. He also primarily incorporated Ralph Lauren Home pieces.

Hughes Four Poster Bed
Balboa Rattan Dresser
Bamboo Trellis Hex Lamp
Avalon Rattan Stool
Mitford Floor Lamp
Screening Room

They tore down an existing structure and turned the space into. a movie room with a sitting area. They primarily used mahogany to continue with their plantation house aesthetic.


Ralph and Ricky decided to make the pool quite a bit bigger and added the lush landscaping.

White Orchid

Years after their first villa purchase, the couple decided they would buy a house just down the hill and renovate it. They named this one the White Orchid. Ralph described the original great house as classic in style and the White orchid as having more of a clean, barefoot and luxurious take.

View from White Orchid Living Area

This Villa has been the source of inspiration for Ralph Lauren's home and runway collections.

Interior Courtyard of the White Orchid
Pool Deck of the White Orchid

Ralph Lauren has once described his life here at the WHite Orchid as like living on a boat.

Photo via @Ralphlaurenhome by Gilles De Chabaneix

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