5 helpful tips to set the right mood with lighting...

5 helpful tips to set the right mood with lighting...

Creating the right atmosphere for your space is greatly affected by which lighting you select. Light not only helps us to see, but also has a powerful impact on our emotions. A sunny day generally gives us energy in the same way bright lighting can. Bright lighting stimulates while softer, dimmer lighting instills a sense of calmness and relaxation. Want to create the perfect mood for your space? Here are 5 tips to help you achieve your desired ambience…

1. To create the perfect mood, it's important to use a range of different light sources in your space. Instead of relying solely on a single overhead fixture, incorporate various light sources throughout the room. 

There are three main types of lighting: accent lighting, ambient lighting, and task lighting. Accent lighting highlights features and creates atmosphere. Task lighting is used for specific activities, while ambient lighting refers to the overall amount of light in the room, including the main light source. It's best to incorporate a mixture of these lighting types into your spaces. 

Adding additional lighting with wall sconces and floor or table lamps will help give the room a cozier and relaxed feel.

2. Wall lights are a versatile option for lighting, serving as an alternative to overhead ceiling lights. They not only provide good ambient and task lighting but also introduce warmth and intimacy to various areas such as sitting rooms, dining areas, and bedrooms. With a wide range of styles available, from traditional candle sconces to contemporary flush-mounted sconces, wall lights add a decorative element to any space.

In terms of mood lighting, wall lights are excellent for creating a soft, indirect glow. Wall lights which cast light upwards along the wall, highlight the space and create a more open feel. On the other hand, downlights direct most of the light downwards, accentuating the horizontal space and creating a cozy atmosphere, even in larger areas.

When positioning wall lights, it is important to consider eye level to avoid glare. For an alternative to bedside lamps, place the lights at around shoulder height on the wall next to the bed.

3. Floor lamps are a versatile way to set the tone and mood in a space. They provide practical light and can brighten up dark areas while highlighting specific features. For accent lighting in a sitting room, place a floor lamp with an opaque lampshade in a corner or alcove. To create balance and serenity, try placing matching floor lamps on either side of the fireplace or slightly behind a chair to create a cozy reading area. 

Table lamps provide a soft, welcoming glow that creates warmth and intimacy. Placing matching table lamps at eye level throughout the room offers soft, low-level mood lighting. Try placing table lamps in corners, alcoves, or underneath cabinets and shelves in the sitting or dining area for a relaxing atmosphere.

4. Consider the lampshade's impact on the lighting mood. Lampshade materials can affect the way light diffuses, softening it and reducing shadows. An opaque material like velvet directs light up and down for a pooling effect, while semi-translucent materials like silk or linen create a beautiful, diffused light.

5. Adding dimmer switches to your lighting setup enhances flexibility and allows for easy control of the mood. Install dimmable lights to transition from bright, functional lighting during the day to softer, mood-enhancing lighting in the evening. Another way to help with the mood of a space is to consider the 'color temperature' of your lightbulbs. Light is measured in degrees Kelvin (K). Cooler blue and white lights above 5000 K are stimulating and ideal for productivity during the day. Warmer yellows below 3000 K create a calm and cozy atmosphere.


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