Home Tour: Old Silver Shed, Christmas Edition

Home Tour: Old Silver Shed, Christmas Edition

Step into Sandra Cavallo's captivating Cape Cod home, located across from Old Silver Beach, decked out and ready for Christmas! With a background of living in different parts of the world, Sandra and her husband, Phil, decided to raise their twins on Cape Cod. 

In 2004, they purchased an abandoned Victorian and carefully dismantled the structure, preserving doors, moldings, fixtures, and hardware. These saved treasures found new life in the home they designed themselves, showcasing their unique knack for blending history and modernity.

The house, although new, exudes an old-world charm as they rebuilt it on the same footprint as the original structure.

Every corner of their home holds a piece of their story. A heart-shaped rock, discovered by their son on a local beach, takes pride of place in one of the beach stone fireplaces. Framed opera posters, adorning an upstairs hallway, transport them back to their time in Zurich, Switzerland, recalling each performance they attended. Countless collections, such as folk hearts from Switzerland, Austria, and Germany, coral accents above the kitchen sink, and a new collection of shells from their recent vacation in St. Bart's, all contribute to the patchwork of cherished memories. Read more about Sandra and her lovely home on her blog HERE.

Enjoy this Christmas house tour of one of our all-time favorite homes!

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Design by Sandra Cavallo

Photography by Old Silver Shed


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