Home Tour: Historic Home in Mérida

Home Tour: Historic Home in Mérida

As you cross the "stone bridge," a charming small garden welcomes you, effortlessly connecting the kitchen and the covered terrace. A careful decision was made to preserve the ancient ruins while seamlessly incorporating new materials and construction systems. This harmonious blend results in a stunning architectural masterpiece, with a frame of metal "I" beams settled on the old masonry walls.

Inside the kitchen, the original finishes of the interior walls stand as a testament to the passage of time. These authentic elements beautifully contrast with the modern design of the bespoke kitchen and the vibrant colors of the pasta tile floor. The kitchen seamlessly flows into the outdoor terrace, a true centerpiece of Casa Pakaal. A tempered glass door, thoughtfully anchored to the old wooden frames, gracefully connects these spaces.

The same aesthetic and structural principles that grace the kitchen extend to the rest of the residence. The old stone walls, left untouched as they were discovered, are complemented by neutral-toned stone floors. This area transforms into an open-air kitchen and dining room, complete with a wood-fired oven for delicious pizzas and a grill. It is the perfect spot for communal gatherings, where one can bask in the view of the garden and the mesmerizing chukum pool.

The master bedroom offers a direct view of the pool and the magnificent hundred-year-old Ramón trees. To reflect the enchanting sights, the pasta tile floor is adorned in a soothing green-blue shade, reminiscent of the pool water and the lush leaves of the trees. The main bathroom is a true oasis, with a tub resting on a wooden deck that seamlessly connects to a private garden, creating a serene sanctuary.

Casa Pakaal, with its seamless integration of the past and present, strikes a harmonious balance between the natural and built environment. By skillfully merging traditional and modern materials, this exceptional residence pays homage to history, embraces nature, and beautifully captures the essence of its surroundings.


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