Home Tour: Farm Cottage from the 1880's

Home Tour: Farm Cottage from the 1880's

Home Tour: Farm Cottage from the 1880's

The house, Charlotte's Folly, dating back to the late 1880s, required a complete overhaul. Designer Emma Ainscough and her team stripped it down to its basics, providing a blank canvas for their design. The aim was to create a high-end, beautifully curated rental home that exuded character and personality. Color and pattern played a significant role in achieving this. 

Charlotte’s Folly is a unique property nestled in 200 acres of Shropshire woodlands, that allowed them to showcase creativity and maximize the available space. They made structural changes to improve flow and create an open-plan feel on the ground floor. The addition of log burners added a cozy touch. Their goal was to turn it into a fantasy world, separate from everyday life, by incorporating whimsical scenes, vibrant wallpaper, and antique furniture. 

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Design: Emma Ainscough

Photography: Christopher Horwood

Antiques were essential in adding charm and reflecting the area's history. They also helped manage the budget, allowing for a mix of big-ticket items and vintage pieces. Each room was designed to have its own unique character while maintaining a cohesive feel throughout the entire house. Wallpaper played a key role in pulling out colors and patterns, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

To enhance the character of the home and create a whimsical atmosphere, they incorporated a charming pink limewash exterior, along with decorative barge boards and latticework windows. These additions give the house a fairy-tale feel both inside and out!

Living Room
Dining Room
Bedroom One
Bedroom Two
Bedroom Three

Family Bathroom