Nancy Meyers Inspired Kitchens

Nancy Meyers Inspired Kitchens

Nancy Meyers Inspired Kitchens

As we enter the New Year, many of us are looking to refresh our homes and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. After indulging in a marathon of Nancy Meyers movies, including favorites like "The Holiday", "It's Complicated", and "Something's Gotta Give," I found myself turning to Nancy Meyers for inspiration. She can do no wrong when it comes to designing a home on set or in the real world - as you can see her gorgeous home featured here in Architectural Digest. She clearly has a knack for creating timeless spaces that are both beautiful and inviting. 

Instead of tackling my entire home in one go (even if it is only a small one bedroom one bathroom), I've decided to focus on the heart of the home - the kitchen. After studying the kitchens in Meyers' films, I've noticed a few common elements that contribute to their charm and warmth.  In the spirit of Nancy Meyers' aesthetic, I have put together a selection of kitchens that I am confident she would wholeheartedly approve of. 


(Patina Farm Kitchen designed by Brooke & Steve Giannetti, photo by Montecito Properties)

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First and foremost, one can instantly recognize that these kitchens are not just for show; they are spaces where cooking truly happens. Copper pans dangle within easy reach, pots brim with wooden spoons by the stove, and counters are filled with decanted oils and vinegars, salt and spices.

(Design by Liz Mearns Imagine Design, Photo by Molly Smith Watson, Build by Mark-Woods Construction)

Shop the photo: Fruit bowl, Vase, Salt and Pepper Grinder

Fresh flowers and plants grace every one of Nancy's kitchens. Whether it's a bouquet of vibrant flowers or a few potted herbs on the windowsill, bringing the outside in adds life and freshness to the space.

(Designed by Barbara Westbrook, Photo by Erica George Dines)

Shop the photo: Vintage herb pot, Cutting board, White pedestal bowl

Additionally, each kitchen features a bountiful display of fruit or vegetable. These are not just a few scattered pieces; they are usually overflowing bowls of produce that you would actually eat.

(Design by Kelly Nutt Design, Photo by Shade Degges)

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Unlike sterile kitchens where everything is hidden away, Nancy Meyers' kitchens exude a sense of lived-in warmth. They are spaces where flour spills on the floor and utensils are readily accessible because the focus is on togetherness, cooking, and enjoying each other's company.

(The home of architect and interior designer Mark Maresca. Photo credit: Anne Chandler)

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(Patina Farm Kitchen designed by Brooke & Steve Giannetti, photo by Montecito Properties)

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(Home of and designed by Brodie Jenkins , photo by Studio Mcgee)

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Many of Nancy Meyers' kitchens boast open shelving or glass cabinets, showcasing an array of plates, ceramics and glass jars filled with pantry essentials. Collected not decorated should be the thought going through your mind when styling. You don't need to buy all new things, it's actually better to source from your own belongings first and then see what you're missing.

(Photo by Harlowe James)

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(Photo and design by Weeth Home)

Shop the Photo: Lemon print, Wooden fruit bowl, Ceramic bowls, Mortar and Pestle, Wooden Spoon

(Photography and interior designs by Jenny Steffens Hobick)

(Design and photo by Amber Interiors)

Shop the Photo: Terracotta pot, Ceramic oil bottles, Clay spoon rest, Brass serving spoon, Wood cutting board

Lastly, one cannot overlook the irresistible allure of the baked goods that seem to call out to everyone who enters. Imagine walking into Meryl Streep's home to the sight and smell of freshly baked croissants sitting on the kitchen counter. Nancy Meyers has a talent for perfectly presenting pastries displayed under glass cloches.

(Design by Anna Booth Interiors, Peter Block Architects, Eleanor Roper Styling, Photo by Emily Followill)

Nancy Meyers’ kitchens offer a wealth of inspiration for those looking to refresh their own spaces. By incorporating fresh flowers/herbs, bowls of fruit or vegetables and baked goods you will actually eat, you are well on your way to creating a warm inviting atmosphere that would easily fit in the next Meyers film. 


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