Home Tour: Local Designer Spotlight

Home Tour: Local Designer Spotlight

Home Tour: Local Designer Spotlight

Located in our hometown of Newport Beach, Morrison Interiors is a design firm that captures the essence of Southern California living. With a passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces, Morrison Interiors has earned a reputation for their exceptional talent and attention to detail. Whether it's a luxurious beachfront retreat or a cozy family home, their team of skilled designers works closely with clients to bring their vision to life. From selecting the perfect color palette to sourcing unique furniture pieces, Morrison Interiors understands the importance of creating spaces that reflect the individuality and lifestyle of their clients. With a commitment to excellence and a flair for creativity, Morrison Interiors continues to elevate the design scene in Newport Beach, one stunning project at a time. Take a look below at their latest project and make sure you make it to the end to see the incredible backyard. 

Interior Designer: Morrison Interiors

Architect: Brandon Architects

Builder: Spinnaker Development

Photography: Lance Gerber

This home known as #SweetBaby James, is located in Southern California's charming neighborhood of Newport Heights. It embodies the perfect blend of modern, Spanish and coastal styles. Sweet Baby James serves as a testament to Morrison Interiors ability to bring dreams to life and leaves a lasting impression on both clients and visitors.

One cannot overlook the importance of lighting in creating a dreamy ambience. Morrison Interiors expertly incorporated whimsical lighting fixtures that add warmth and magic to the home. Delicate chandeliers, enchanting pendant lights and soft bedside lamps create a soothing atmosphere.


Jazz White Pendant
Weatherproof Ship's Well Glass Light
Titan Size 1 Pendant
Belle Gold Chandelier
Antiquity Table Lamp
Cambrai Brass & Glass Pendant
Saylor Table Lamp
Hurricane Wall Sconce
Eastchester Wall Light
Atwater Pendant